• Nome: Celtica
  • Paese: Italia
  • Tipo: Pilsener
  • Gradazione: 5.2 %
  • Negozio: Di Più
  • Prezzo: Euro 0.55
  • Formato: Bottiglia 33 cl

Voto: 1–

Colore paglierino chiaro. Schiuma inesistente. Gusto orribile. Misto tra leggermente acido e detersivo per i piatti. Un sorso e giù nel lavandino.
L’etichetta parla di antica ricetta, malto di qualità: solo chiacchiere. E’ una birra veramente difficile da bere.
Ho visitato anche il sito (sono i produttori della drive beer, quella analcolica, cosa aspettarsi di meglio)



2 Commenti a “Birra Celtica”

  • Ho recensito anche io questo miscuglio di robe strane… ecco qua


    p.s. bel sito, siete dei grandi!

    • Agustin,Thanks for your remarks. I don’t diagrsee with your assessment that Scrum is a framework of practices to evolve a product and that Kanban is a method to evolve your (existing) process. I do, however, stand by my comment that Kanban lacks explicit guidance in changing in terms of changing your software development approach. (I didn’t see anything in your comments that would talk me off of that ledge, if that’s what I’m on. That’s not to say that it can’t be done!)Scrum itself is not complete in this respect, either, which is why you see recommendations to utilize the technical practices of XP in conjunction with Scrum. Both Scrum and Kanban are good, but neither are complete if your objective is to improve your software delivery. You need to pull information and techniques from other sources. And as I close the post with, both Scrum and Kanban are tools to help you become lean and agile, but they won’t make you lean or agile in and of themselves.And FYI, I’m a guest blogger for VersionOne, not an employee. And I do a great deal of reading – including that of David Anderson. I tried to capture the essence of what is different between Scrum and Kanban in a very short blog post, and in the spirit of my own continuous improvement I am always willing to listen and explore different opinions and perspectives. I’ll continue to consider your comments. Thanks again.

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